The guided tour

Guided tour of Pattaya's bars
There are many men who dream of coming to Pattaya but are afraid or worried about the unknown. If you have always wanted to experience the delights of Pattaya but are a little shy, or just worried about arriving in a strange country alone or if there is a group of you who just want to be pointed in the right direction we offer a service we believe to be unique in Pattaya. At least once a week some times twice we go out on a pub crawl experiencing all the delights Pattaya has to offer, Every one is welcome and it's FREE. Just come into the bar and ask us when our next little outing is planned
We use the local transport so you become familiar with how to get around Pattaya and how much you should pay.Thai Taxi drivers and Baht bus drivers have a tendency to inflate prices if they think you are new in town, sometimes by as much as 500% this information alone can save you a small fortune.
There are 4 types of bars in Pattaya all very different, you will have the opportunity to visit all four types. We will explain how you go about choosing a lady and explain what the lady would expect from you once you have chosen we will also make sure it is a lady you have chosen im sure you've heard the stories We will stay with you until you have either chosen a lady for the night. or you simply want to go to bed. The following day you should be confident enough to branch out on your own and enjoy your holiday.
This service is available to any visitor of Pattaya you do not need to be a guest of the Barracuda, all we ask is you buy the guide a couple of beers.