The Bar

Nestled between two Restaurants sits the Barracuda Bar and Guesthouse a double fronted establishment with a U shaped bar to the front being the dominant feature. This Bar was designed by an Englishman and has all the character of an English pub with a little Thai influence. Three large TVs show Music DVDS and all the major sporting events daily. The sound System in this bar is second to none, customers can choose from a computer controled music library of over 20,000 tracks. An 8ft slate bed Pool table, football game and video game are also available for customers to idle away their time. We serve English Pub Grub and Thai food 6 days a week, Sorry Mondays is the Chefs day off, The full English breakfast served from 10am has yet to be bettered.
But the real appeal to the bar are the many Beautiful Thai girls that make the bar come alive especially if the customers are plying them with drinks. On some occasions there are up to 25 beautiful girls working in the bar all waiting for their prince charming or sexy man as they call it. The thing is the girls seem to think all European men are sexy regardless of their appearance or age, so be warned you may be leaving with more than a holiday souvenir and a sun tan., A Wife maybe.

We cater for all types of parties so if you have a birthday, anniversary, wedding or you just want a party during your stay with us we can give you a party that you will never forget.We have a live band that set up in the street we use the pavement as the dance floor along with the Bar top if any one’s brave enough Party nights are great fun and not to be missed. We have our own partys every two weeks so come and join us for a night to remember.

Tony and Sun are getting married on 15th July 2007 we invite all our customers new and old to join us for a party at the Barracuda from 7pm

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